Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

The union of two hearts in marriage, or the commitment of one person for another in a single relationship, has far more complexity to it than a legal or physical bond. More than a moral or spiritual bond. More than siring and birthing children. More than parenting. More than creating a family unit. More than joining an extended family. Why? Because it is all those things and beyond!

Think about it: the age-old search for the right mate to build and create lives together, to instill a unity between two strangers—two separate beings—to form one family. Wow! Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? How do we even begin this journey let alone make the actual choice?

We know that not only personality, but also age, upbringing, personal character, values, ethnic origin, beliefs, emotional maturity and education also play a part in making someone the way they are. Yet, somehow, some way, we manage to single out that special someone and take the giant commitment to form a union. It’s been happening for centuries…but it doesn’t mean it’s been all grins and giggles along the way. That’s why we offer marriage counseling and couples therapy.

Re-read the first three paragraphs above again. Let it sink in.

With all the complexity of such a gathering of two souls, it shouldn’t surprise you or anyone that at some point, there may be issues that arise that threaten what the two of you have tried to build. It could be any external factor, like loss of a job, death of a loved one, or an act of nature (flood, tornado). It could be any internal factor like a newly-diagnosed illness, an attraction to drugs or alcohol, or a familiarity that leads to two people “growing apart.”

At Coppell Family Therapy, we work with spouses and mates in marriage counseling and couples therapy in order to help the two of you re-discover each other. We assist you in finding the root cause of the distress, and then we help you recognize it in order to re-build, remodel or re-surface the rough edges so you can return to the business of the two of you sharing your lives together.

Licensed therapist Audrey Tkeily creates a non-threatening, non-judgmental meeting environment in her marriage counseling and couples therapy sessions. She allows couples to express themselves in a non-destructive manner for the purpose of beginning the healing process needed to reunite two people who have already declared their love for each other. She listens, learns and leads.

Contact Coppell Family Therapy for marriage counseling and couples therapy. We can meet with one partner or both…and we stress that no issue is too small to discuss if it’s tearing your union apart. If the problem is an abusive one, you OWE it to your family to get help now. Call us at (972) 304-0700.

(972) 304-0700

Dr. Audrey E. Kteily PhD, LPC-S

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