Testimonial 1

Dr Kteily has saved my family and has become the key driver in allowing our family to live a healthy, respectful and loving culture.  Our child has been dealing with multiple disabilities including depression, anxiety, autistic spectrum issues, confidence, and social development issues.

Four six years we tried multiple therapists and professionals in Coppell and did not make any progress.

That changed the day we meet Dr. Kteily. She not only took the time to diagnose our child but she took her time to get to know our entire family including our other children, my wife and I. She spent time in our home, she met with school officials, our pediatrician, and other medical professionals helping us in order to get a complete picture of our challenges.  She came to our home, she attended games and events to truly see what was happening in our child's world.

Today, over a year later I can tell you we have achieved tremendous progress, we have a much healthier family where we can go on vacations and flourish as a proud family. Our child is doing dramatically better in school as well as extracurricular activities.

Dr. Kteily did what many other professionals could not do for us. I believe the difference is that she brings an unmatched devotion and commitment to getting it right. If it takes spending extra time examining or experiencing your real world situations  with you or your impacted family member, she does it. She goes the extra mile.  She gets behind the challenge or problem and does so not just inside her warm and relaxing office.

I can't urge you enough to reach out to Dr. Kteily if you, your family or a specific family member has challenges functioning in he manner you expect and aspire.

Dr. Kteily is an amazing professional whom I could not imagine not having as part of my child and my entire families development.

Testimonial 2

There are so many wonderful things to say about Audrey Kteily of Coppell Family Therapy. After the first initial meeting we knew that we had made the right decision. Our daughter immediately was comfortable with Audrey. It can be tough working with a depressed teenager who doesn’t like to share her feeling, but Audrey was patient and understanding week after week. Every session she brought new and different ways for our daughter to open up. In time, we saw a remarkable difference in her. One of the best parts of our time with Audrey was seeing how happy she has made our daughter. She is compassionate and encouraging, yet always professional and goal-oriented. Audrey is just terrific and we would strongly recommend her.

Testimonial 3

My patients love Dr. Audrey.  She is very empathetic and a great listener.  She has a professional, warm, comfortable office and is available at convenient times to see patients during the day, or after work or school.
She is sharp to point out where they can make improvements in the way that they frame their relationships with others or with themselves.  This helps to get the best out of life and of themselves.
I always tell patients that visiting with Dr. Kteily is a great opportunity to improve their view of themselves...the most important opinion you can have.  She is able to help work though the events that life has thrown at you and you find yourself unable to deal with.
In addition to her caring personality and quick wit, my patients not only say they love the way she helps them, they love her too!!

John P Quinlan DC
Coppell, TX

Testimonial 4

Seeing Audrey has helped me gain self confidence. She let me know that being me is the best feeling ever! And she gives me hope it will get much easier.

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