5 Benefits of Youth and Family Counseling

When you decide to enlist the ones you love in youth and family counseling, you may find that some members will push back or feel that they don’t need it. However, there are many benefits that they should be aware of before turning away from the idea of counseling. Here are just a few of the advantages that youth and family counseling has to offer and how you can get started.

#1: It opens you up to honesty.

When you have someone in your family who loses his temper quickly or cuts off all communications in a heartbeat, it can create barriers that are hard to break through. Youth and family counseling will work to get to the root of the problem rather than just beating around the bush about the issue at hand.

#2: It promotes self-worth.

Our own self-worth can make a huge difference in how we treat the people we love. When you take the time to be part of youth and family counseling, then you'll learn about the importance of self-worth and how to improve it for the members of your family. You might not even realize what an impact self-worth makes until you acknowledge and address it.

#3. You learn how to deal with anger.

Many people don't know how to handle their tempers and feelings of anger and often deal with it by saying the most harmful and hurtful words to those they love. When this becomes an issue, it should not be ignored. Youth and family counseling will allow everyone to discuss these feelings of anger and provide you with the proper ways to cope and handle them, rather than just to lash out.

#4: It brings your family closer together.

When you take the time to spend a specific amount of time with your family, you'll notice that you become closer and stronger as a unit. For every day that you ignore the issues, you'll feel people pulling away more and more, but when you accept each other and address your situation, you'll find that you start coming together more willingly and with much more happiness. 

#5: You’ll have a plan of action.

When you try on your own to correct issues your family is having, you might not know where to start. Just saying that you're going to treat each other with more respect won't necessarily get the job done. You need a plan of action, and youth and family counseling will give you just that.

Help is closer than you realize when you want to bring your family together. Call Coppell Family Therapy today and let us get you started on your journey to a positive and loving family that takes time for and care of each other.


Youth and Family Counseling

Youth and Family Counseling with Dr. Kteily Located in Coppell, Texas, Dr. Audrey Kteily of Coppell Family Therapy has been providing professional youth and family counseling services for over 18 years. Dr. Kteily is passionate about helping both parents and children and strengthening the family unit. At Coppell Family Therapy, a non-judgmental open door is offered to help identify, validate, and resolve internal family conflict through youth and family counseling.

Youth and family counseling can help clients develop insight and coping skills, and begin healing from past or current emotional wounds. Youth and family counseling helps individuals learn how to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Dr. Kteily works with individuals of all ages who are struggling with life’s challenges or experiencing painful emotions. Youth and family counseling can provide individuals the opportunity to discuss their problems and concerns with a trained and caring professional in a safe and confidential environment.

Youth and family counseling with Coppell Family Therapy is beneficial to both children and parents alike. Struggling parents can receive support in developing stronger parenting strategies to help them better lead their children. Children struggling with the issues that are so prevalent in this day and age can find a safe place to work through them along with their families. We provide youth and family counseling to help with self-esteem issues, anxiety, bullying, “cutting” behavior, sexual orientation, depression, suicidal thoughts, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism spectrum disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, and diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.

Dr. Kteily, along with the staff of Coppell Family Therapy, believes in the importance of youth and family counseling to work through issues in order to bring families closer together. She is a passionate parenting authority and strives to help parents see the world through their child’s eyes. Dr. Kteily is also committed to helping children as they learn to work through life’s challenges alongside their parents. At Coppell Family Therapy we believe communication is key and are confident that our youth and family counseling services can help your family to peacefully work through issues and draw closer together.

5 Benefits of Teen Counseling & Therapy

Teenagers often go through difficult times during high school. This makes it difficult and cumbersome for parents that don’t have any luck or success with trying to get their child to open up. If your child refuses to open up or obey house rules, and generally causes a ruckus in the home or at school, it can make it very difficult to get through the day if all you experience are fights and disagreements. Teen counseling and therapy can be of tremendous help to your teenager. Not all teenagers feel comfortable opening up to their parents but may be more open to talking to a licensed professional.

Therapy provides both you and your teenager a number of benefits.

1. Teenagers Can Open Up

In many cases, a teenager just needs a third party to express their feelings and issues to. Not every child is comfortable expressing their problems directly to their parents. These reasons can vary from child to child, but by having someone new to talk to will help them to open up and get through their problems. Licensed professionals can help your child get to the bottom of any issues so that they may eventually feel comfortable opening up to you, too.

2. A Calmer Environment at Home

After a teenager has gone through therapy, they are more likely to be more tolerant and compliant within the home. There will generally be fewer fights, less shouting, and less trouble across the board. You’ll have a calmer home, just like you had before your teenager’s troublemaking years.

3. Teenagers Will Find New Motivations

A problem among many teenagers that lead to trouble and disobedience is the lack of motivation in their life. Not all schools provide adequate classes to prepare them for the years after high school and many are left feeling aimless. With teen counseling, your child may be able to uncover new motivations to pursue in school and other hobbies to keep them stimulated and motivated.

4. Teenagers Become More Aware

With the help of a professional therapist, teenagers will uncover not only the issues that they’re having, but also what is triggering them. Their awareness to the situations they are in or may be causing will increase. Teenagers that are motivated to change can use this newfound awareness to make changes in their behaviors in order to improve themselves and the environment with their family.

5. Less Dangerous Behaviors

Teenagers that are going through a rough time may be more susceptible to self-destructive behavior. Children can sometimes feel like hope is lost and will go to drastic lengths to make the issue go away. Teenage counseling will help your child recognize the pain they are going through and will help them to grow more optimistic. They will be less likely to engage in risky or dangerous behavior to themselves and others.

At Coppell Family Therapy, we help you and your family find peace and balance in the home with teen counseling. We want to see your teenager happy and motivated and for you to be stress-free and proud. Stop in or give us a call today with any questions about teen therapy and what we can do to help your family.

How Youth and Family Counseling Can Help

How Youth and Family Counseling Can Help

When your family is taking a turn in a direction you’re not comfortable with, or if you could use some extra assistance dealing with some family struggles, it might be time for youth and family counseling. You can get help in many different places to find solutions to family issues or with handling younger children. Taking on the challenge on your own is not only overwhelming, but it can also be incredibly inefficient.

Finding local professionals in your area that specialize in youth and family counseling can make a big difference in your family life. Not only will it help you to find peace of mind among you and your family, but it can help you and your family to move onto a better time in life and put your struggles behind you. Here are some of the benefits of youth and family counseling with Coppell Family Therapy.

Uncovers Deeper Issues

When you go to youth and family counseling, you never know what type of issues or fears will be uncovered. A professional has many years of experience helping individuals through frustrations, confusion, and struggles. They can help to spot deep, unhelpful, and negative issues and beliefs that you or your child can’t see on your own.

Builds Confidence and Self-Belief

Once you’ve discovered what you’re truly facing, youth and family counseling will help you be able to work with your counselor to re-establish your personal beliefs and regain the confidence you or your child once had. Establishing personal belief systems and confidence in one’s self is one of the earliest steps to making positive changes in your life.

Develops a Strategy for Improvement

Once your child is capable of believing in himself and understands the importance of a healthy self-image and the impact that they have within the family, a counselor can help to establish new processes, beliefs, and strategies for improvement in the weeks and months ahead. With the added perspective that comes with youth and family counseling, they will be able to identify the deepest issues and find the best possible solution. Often when you are too close to the situation, such as with your children, it can be easy to overthink or overlook the problem and not grasp the solutions you need to take.

If you have questions about youth and family counseling, give us a call today and we can help with anything that you’re uncertain about or need to know. We want you to be able to discover the issues holding your family back from having a happy, encouraging, and uplifting life. With youth and family counseling, you’ll get the help you and your children need.