My family met Dr. Kteily, with Coppell Family Therapy last October.  My then 14 year old daughter was dealing with some very serious emotional issues, that as a parent was beyond my control.  We had taken her out of the public school system and was home schooling.

She immediately bonded with Dr. Kteily.  She put her at ease and got her to open up.  Within weeks, my daughter was coming out of her shell and interacting with the family once again.  She started making friends and getting more involved with typical teen interactions. She is now back in public schools and passing all her subjects  And although some of the anxiety is still there, Dr. Kteily continues to help her work through these issues and gives her the confidence to strive.

I do not have enough appreciation to Dr. Kteily for saving my daughter's life.  I would recommend her to any family seeking help.




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